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About Us Kuang Ming Shipping Corp.

Kuang Ming Shipping Corp. was established in May 1990. The Company is a subsidiary of Yang Ming Marine Group. In the beginning, the Company acted as the booking agent to handle the import and export of container shipments for Yang Ming Line in Taiwan. In November 1999, the Company bought two container ships to launch the Intra-Asia liner service. In line with the development of Yang Ming Marine Group's diversified policy, the Company entered in dry bulker service since in October 2008.

Kuang Ming now operates a medium dry bulk fleet to offer the services for the customers worldwide. The Company's philosophy is firmly build up as "Integrity, Quality, Safety and Growth".

The Company currently operate a total of 12 bulk ships, consists of 10 owned ships and chartered in 2 ships. To enhance the competitiveness, the Company will continue to expand new building project to keep the fleet of yang age and more efficiency.

With the full support of Yang Ming Marine Group, the Company built up a professional management team, focus to develop global customers, keep the vessel's position in flexibility, and strengthen safety management to maintain the ships under a sound condition. The Company is principally entered into commercial contracts with the major ship owners, charterers and dry bulk cargo owners in terms of T/C period or trip, long-term freight contract (COA) and V/C to ensure the stability of the business performance. In addition, the Company play the role as cargo operator to charter in tonnages for dry cargo transportation on the spot market to increase the operating scale and profit.

About Us History

May 1990

The Company was established as "Kuang Ming Shipping Agency" with a paid-in capital NTD 20,000,000 acting as Yang Ming Line's booking agent, to handle their export container shipments in Taiwan area.

May 1992

Further handling Yang Ming Line container shipments in Taiwan area.

June 1993

Renamed as "YML Shipping Enterprise Corporation Ltd.".

Nov. 1999

Renamed as "Kuang Ming Shipping Corp." and the Company bought two container ships to launch the Intra-Asia liner service.

July 2002

Tentatively suspend business.

Oct. 2007

Resumed and started operating bulk business.

July 2008

Set up the subsidiary "Kuang Ming (Liberia) Corp." to operate the Liberia flag ships.

Oct. 2008

The Company took over the tramp business from Yang Ming Line and dedicated to the Panamax bulk business. The paid-in capital increased to NTD 2,055,140,000.

Aug. 2009

The office moved to the current address from Keelung city to Taipei city.

Sep. 2010

The Company became a public listed company.

Nov. 2010

The Company began its stock transaction in over-the-counter market.

Apr. 2011

The establishment of the Audit Committee.

Aug. 2011

The establishment of the Remuneration Committee.

Oct. 2011

Award ship management contract for Taipower company's 2 coal bulk ships.

Aug. 2015

The paid-up capital after the issue of new shares amount: NTD 4,000,000,000.

Mar. 2016

Application for termination of its stock transaction in over-the-counter market and stop stock public offering.

Mar. 2016

The capital of amount increased: NTD 6,000,000,000.

Jan. 2017

Award ship management contract for Taipower company's 4 coal bulk ships.

About Us Organization

About Us Logo


Brave the winds and the waves, expand a whole new territory.


  • The capitals K M in the central are the first letters of English name "K"uang "M"ing.
  • The radial shape on the top is like a compass, implying the company lead the trends and toward success.
  • The wave shapes on the bottom represent oceans, also look like hands embracing and safeguarding Kuang Ming.
  • The whole composition represents the bow sails through the winds and waves, and keeps on going with no fear.

About Us Subsidiary

Name: Kuang Ming (Liberia) Corp.
Established on: July 16, 2008
Business and Service: Chartering / Tramp Business, Vessel Sale & Purchase etc.
Address: 6F, No.243, Sec.2, Chongqing N.Rd., Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Pnone No.: +886-2-2552-0818